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Team Elijah

Serve Others, Make Friends, Have Fun

Exercise your servanthood muscles on exclusive Team Elijah (TE). You will experience practical problem solving, communication, team work, and responsibility in addition to enjoying what camp has to offer!

Service and Fun


TE is led by role models who love Jesus and are excited to have your camper on their team. 

TE crews focus on teamwork through large group projects around camp and daily camp needs in the dish room, dinning hall, barn, and grounds maintenance. 

TE  participate in all-camp evening activities, campfire hangouts, group Bible study on the shore of Lake Huron, and other special evening activities. 


After a week serving on Team Elijah, HFCC is honored to provide a letter stating the type of work and number of hours served for high school graduation or National Honors Society requirements. 

  • Applications open to all high schoolers.

  • TE team members are limited to 2 weeks of TE in one summer and may not serve on TE two weeks in a row. Some weeks are limited to single gender teams.

  • ​Click the Apply Now to see all the available dates

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