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Health and safety

At Camp CedarRidge safety is our number one priority. All staff is trained in emergency procedures and will carefully supervise campers throughout the day during all activities. Our policies ensure campers and staff enjoy camp in safety and security.


Health Officer


Whenever camp is in session, a resident health officer is on-site and available 24 hrs a day. We have a fully stocked health center ready for small bumps and bruises to emergency situations. An emergency vehicle is always available in the rare case a camper must be taken to the nearby urgent care or hospital.



At registration, all medications must be turned in in their original containers and labeled with instructions for their administration. All medications (including vitamins and OTC) for campers and staff are stored and dispensed by the health officer, as needed.



Our kitchen staff works hard to provide healthy, balanced meals so the campers have plenty of energy for all the fun things there are to do at camp! In addition to served meals, yogurt and fruit are available at breakfast and a salad bar is available every lunch and dinner. Hydration is also key! While we always encourage campers to drink water throughout the day, on especially hot days we require at least one glass at every meal!


We are happy to work with dietary needs including dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian, and nut or other allergies. A small fee will be added to your registration for this option. Please do not send any food up with your camper; we will make sure they have options for every meal and snack!

When we call home

Sumer camp is a great growing experience for campers. Staying away from home can bring challenges, but overall we see great reward with campers learning independence by staying overnight at camp. There are cases of extreme homesickness where we will call home to consult with parents. Our goal is always to help coach campers through their feelings of homesickness through expert training our staff receives, but we won’t ever force an unhappy camper to stay. If your camper is homesick, we’ll call to discuss the specific details with you about your camp, because you know them best.

While we are having fun at camp, sometimes bumps and bruises can happen. For anything more serious, our health staff will support your camper and we’ll call to let you know if they have needed an extended stay at the health center, or in the event of needing to see a doctor. Every effort will be made to contact you prior to any treatment outside of camp. Your camper’s health & safety is always our utmost concern.


Water Safety


A certified lifeguard is always on duty when at the pool or river, with an additional pool safety observer for every additional 10 campers. During free-time swimming all campers are required to have a buddy for an extra layer of safety. All campers may swim in the pool, however, to access the deep end, they must pass a basic swim test. Campers who wish to take canoeing must also pass a swim test, and PFDs must be worn at all time while on the river.



Each of our activity areas has specific policies and safety rules with activity staff trained to supervise and respond to activity-related safety hazards. The responsible staff member verifies the safety of all equipment on a regular basis, and safety rules are reviewed with the campers prior to beginning any activity. Weekly observations are completed by the directors to ensure all policies and procedures are being carefully followed. Protective equipment and first aid supplies are available at all activity locations and on any off-site trips.

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