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Update on our Executive Director

Letter from our Executive Director

Dear Camp Family,


It is with heavy hearts that we share that our Executive Director's wife, Sarah, has had a reoccurrence of her Leukemia. This has certainly caught us all off guard and by surprise. What started out as a fever during a family visit to Virginia quickly turned into a trip to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD for further evaluation. She was admitted there and checked into the Oncology wing for urgent treatment. After much prayer and consulting with Sarah's medical team in Michigan, it was decided that Devon and Sarah would remain in Baltimore for treatment where they will be close to family during this time. At the onset of treatment, they were given the expectation that it would be a long road ahead and that sarah would need to be within one hour drive of the hospital for the next year during her treatment including a bone marrow transplant. We 100% stand behind and support Devon in his decision to put his wife and family first during this challenging time. Devon "Maverick" Roberts' resignation has been accepted by the board, effective immediately. The Roberts family will be moving to Maryland to provide the care and treatment that Sarah needs. We will continue to stand by the Roberts and are working out final details to be a financial blessing in their time of need as they depart serving at camp. Given the current financial status of the camp this blessing may not be all that we desire initially.


Please join us as we continue to pray for the Roberts family, including their two children. Galatians 6:2 commands us to “Carry one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” That is just what we plan to do. If you'd like to follow Sarah and Devon's journey along with their prayer requests, you can keep up to date via their Caring Bridge blog or their Facebook profile. If you feel called to support them financially as they receive treatment in Maryland, or to help them with relocation cost, you can do so on their You Caring donation site.


We ask that you join us in fervent prayer for the Roberts, and also for Camp CedarRidge. Pray for wisdom as we install an interim leadership team for this summer, and seek an Executive Director for the 2019 summer season. Pray that God would rally His people to carry the momentum that "Maverick" and "Rosie" started. It's their desire that the people of Camp CedarRidge be united in the richness of God's plan as he calls them to a new mission field in Baltimore, Maryland.

Serving in God's perfect plan,

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