Why Pick HFCC?

At Camp CedarRidge, kids can be kids, running and playing in the Great Outdoors. We are open to all campers completing second through 12th grades. We are camp the way we always hope it will be - where you really experience the out-of-doors. We have clean bathhouses, a wonderful commercial kitchen, Health Center, and new cabins. We all eat "family-style" in our Dining Hall. A beautiful pool sits right in the center of camp!


What makes us unique?

We have our own private property over a mile into the Huron National Forest. Off the beaten path you’ll take a beautiful trek down a winding sandy road through the Huron National Forest before you get to our camp site. And this is where it all begins. Once you enter our gates, you’ll find that HFCC is in a world of its own. First you’ll pass by our Wildcat Creek and round the corner into camp. The bridge over this creek is a great place to have a quiet time with God or you can just opt for the more rambunctious task of catching frogs.


Next you’ll pass our horse corral where campers can be up close and personal with the horses. Not do they learn horsemanship, but they’ll be able to learn one-on-one with their own horse. Plus, the small activity class sizes allow our instructors to devote much more instructive time to your child as we teach, laugh, and have fun!


Then you’ll pass our riding ring where our horsemanship riding is done. Just beyond that you’ll see an open area we call the Rec Field. We use this are for teaching archery, playing field sports, having campfires, cookouts, camping under the stars and general outdoor recreation. And you’re still not even to the center of camp yet!


Continuing down our road on the left you’ll pass The Ridge, a line of tents and cabins set back in the forest along a ridge that parallels the road. On the right you’ll see a stretch of forest that goes on as far as you can see.


As you pass The Ridge, you’ll see some cabins where our staff is housed. Next you’ll pass our Dining Hall and the Clearing (which we use for tetherball and Bible Exploration). Now you’re at the center of camp. You’ll know this because there is a turn-around in the road. The Lodge, our main office, will be the building closest to the turn-around.


And that’s just the start of camp! There's still Heart Attack Hill, the Cedars cabins and bathhouse, our swimming pool, the Tuck Shop (our camp store), the craft cabin, the Rifle Range, Indian Village, and the list goes on.


Oh, and by the way, besides being perhaps the only camp we know of that’s in the middle of a national forest. We’ve got a quite a number of off-site day-trips that we make during our camping season. For example:

  1. You’ll want to visit Iargo Springs where you’ll see clean fresh water bubble up out of the ground and pass right underneath the boardwalk beneath your feet as it runs on into the Ausable River.

  2. There’s Lumberman’s monument, dedicated to the men who used to log this forest in years past. Here you’ll also find some of the largest sand dunes on the east side of the state. If you have the stamina to run down these (and make it back up), you’ll find that you’ll end up diving into the coolness of the Ausable River at the bottom.

  3. Lake Huron, one of the largest fresh-water lakes in the United States is a mere 15 minutes from camp. Swimming, football, and Bible study occur at the beach. In any case, it’s a lot of fun!


HFCC is not a city camp. It’s pristine; virtually untouched by the rigors of commercialization and it’s something we want to share with you. We make sure that our staff to camper ratio is kept small so that your child will get the one-on-one attention that they will not get at other camps. More importantly, though, this allows us to teach your child the truth about Jesus Christ, God’s Creation, and the Good News of God’s salvation given to each and every one of us!


Come join us this summer for a camping experience that you’ll never forget and that you’ll want to repeat for years to come!


What’s with the “Bird Names”?

Well, each of our staff has a “Bird Name”. At HFCC, this is how counselors, directors, activity and other staff members are known. The reason we have bird names is because the job of the HFCC staff is to bring food – physical and spiritual - to the campers – just as ravens brought food to Elijah.


Some GPS and maps programs won't get you here!

Camp Address


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Oscoda, MI  48750

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