Come join our staff!


At Camp CedarRidge, we give you opportunities to serve in different ways, using your talents

and gifts for God’s glory. Serving at HFCC, you can have a real impact on kids’ lives as you help

them understand God’s Word. Enjoy a summer of building community with us and growing in

your faith in Jesus Christ. Whether you can work one week, two weeks, or all summer, we

would love to hear from you!

We are seeking for the right individuals to join our team for the following all-summer positions:

  •  Head Cook 

  •  Business Manager 

  •  Photo/video Manager

  •  Tuck Shop Manager

  •  Activity Specialist

  •  Pool Manager​

  •  Staff-Kid Manager

On a weekly or all-summer basis we also have needs for the following positions:

  • Program Assistant

  •  Activity Staff

  •  Head Counselor

  •  Counselor

  •  Team Elijah Counselor

  •  Cook

  •  Health Officer

  •  Lifeguard


1. All-summer-staff must be available from June 23- July 27, 2019. Saturday

afternoon through Sunday morning is scheduled time off for all summer staff.

2. Staff must be available for pre-camp mandatory training on June 23 - 27, 2019.


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What to expect 

  1. Complete the staff application.

  2. Receive confirmation of application submission. (on submission webpage)

  3. Wait patiently as the admin team reviews your application, references, and 
    background checks.

  4. Interview with Director and team (both new and return staff).

  5. Receive notice of successful completion of application process. 

  6. Receive Contract Notice via email.

  7. Receive invite to Camp CedarRidge Staff Facebook group.

  8. Begin completion of paperwork.

    1. Contract

    2. Pay Notice

    3. Voluntary Disclosure

    4. W4

    5. Health Form

    6. Spiritual Standards, Behavior Policy in a mixed setting, Internet Policy

  9. Complete and submit all paperwork by designated due dates.

  10. Receive notice of paperwork completion.

  11. Keep checking email and staff Facebook group for updates.



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Camp Address


1154 W. River Road

Oscoda, MI  48750

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Off-Season Address

(September - May)

PO Box 700283

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