Refer-A-Friend Discount



By referring a friend, you and your friend can earn credit toward your camper tuition fees.  The more friends you refer using this program, the more credit you earn. You could even attend camp for free this summer!

How to refer a friend:​

  1. In the registration process on the discounts page, check the box for the Refer-A-Friend discount and enter the name of the person who referred you or the person you are referring.

  2. Be sure to enter your full first and last name as the referring friend when they register their child for a summer camp session.

  3. They save $50 and you save $50.


Refer-A-Friend Program Guidelines and Conditions

  • Give the promotional code instructions to friends and family who have never before sent a camper to a Huron Forest Camp CedarRidge program.

  • Tell them to be sure to enter your full first and last name as the referring friend when they register their child for a summer camp session.

  • They save $50 and you save $50!


Terms and Conditions

  • In order for any camp tuition credit to be awarded to you or your friend, the following criteria must be met:

  • You, the referring friend, must be a member of an existing Camp CedarRidge family- households with campers who have previously attended a Camp CedarRidge session.

  • Your friend must be a member of a new Camp CedarRidge family- a household with campers who have never before attended any Camp CedarRidge session (including extended family members provided that extended family member has not previously attended a Camp CedarRidge session).  

  • Your friend must select the promo and your name as the referring friend at the time of registration. Names cannot be applied retroactively.

  • Only one name can be entered as the referring friend. Only one referring friend can receive the referral credit for a friend.

  • Camp tuition credits will be awarded to you and your friend at the time your friend registers for a Camp CedarRidge Summer Camp Session (Boys camp, Girls camp, Equestrian camp or Wilderness Canoe camp).

  • Tuition credits may only be applied toward summer camp sessions (Boys camp, Girls camp, Equestrian camp, or Wilderness Canoe camp).

  • Referring friends may refer more than one friend. Referring friends receive one $50 credit toward camper tuition for each qualifying new friend; however the credits earned cannot total more than the referring friends’ camper tuition.

  • Credits have NO CASH VALUE and can be used only to reduce camper tuition for summer camp sessions. All special activity and transportation fees must be paid in full.

  • Credits may not be transferred to another person.

  • If you, the referring friend, does not register for a summer camp session, no tuition credits will be awarded to you; however your friend will still receive the $50 credit.


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