Girls Camp

A place to make lifelong friends and have fun enjoying many activities.  Grow closer to God in the middle of some of His most beautiful creation.  

Girls Camp cost

July 19-July 25

$450 per camper

Check in begins Sunday Afternoon at 4:00 pm

Checkout begins the following Saturday at 10:00 am

  • Girls Camp is designed for girls and young women to unplug from the pressures and stresses of life and plug into their God-given talents.

  • Staffed with strong women of God, campers will see firsthand what it looks like to live as a Christian woman in today’s society.

  • Campers customize their experience by choosing from a wide variety of fun and challenging activities.

  • Girls will practice independence, learning new skills, taking on new challenges, and growing in leadership and confidence.

  • The daily schedule is the perfect balance of structure and flex time to give campers independence while keeping them engaged.

  • At camp, girls will be housed in a cabin or tent with a counselor and other campers in their age group

  • To be prepared for Girls Camp, check out our Girls Camp packing list.


Girls Camp is open to all girls entering grades 3 - 12 in fall 2020. Girls are grouped into the following age groups, called divisions, for housing and assigning activity periods. 

3rd - 4th Pathfinders

5th - 6th Trailblazers

7th - 8th Challengers

9th - 12th Explorers

More questions? Please head over to our Parent Info page.

Not sure if Girls Camp is for you? Check out our other programs on the Dates, Rates, and Programs page.



We have an amazing group of godly women who come to serve at Girls Camp every year. Our staff is specifically trained to the roles they play in your camper’s experience. Their goal for the entire week is to build up and encourage your camper, challenging them to grow both physically and spiritually. We believe it is important for girls to see women in positions of leadership, so that is just what we have at Girls Camp. Girls will be surrounded by female staff leading their Bible studies, activity classes, and running day-to-day camp.

Please visit the About our Staff page to learn more about the staff selection and training process.


Campers at Girls Camp will choose activity specializations to focus on during their week at camp. As every girl is different, we offer a wide variety of class options. For the more artistic, drama and crafts, or for the more adventurous, canoeing and riflery, or even a mix of both! Whatever your child chooses, she will not be bored! To find out more information about the activities offered at HFCC please visit our Activities page.


*Please note that if your child would like to take horsemanship as an activity specialization, you must pre-pay during registration.

Daily Schedule

8:30 am    Flag Raising/Breakfast 

9:30 am    Morning Watch 

10:00 am  Capers 

10:30 am  Activity Block I

12:00 pm  Activity Block II

1:30 pm     Lunch

2:30 pm     Rest Hour

3:30 pm      Free Time

5:15 pm     Activity Block III 

6:30 pm     Flag Lowering/Dinner 

8:00 pm     Evening Programming

10:00 pm    PT Lights Out

10:30 pm    Challenger Lights Out

11:00 pm    Explorer Lights Out

We start our day by raising our flag and heading straight to the dining hall for the most important meal of the day. Breakfast ends with a time of worship.

A chance for campers to have some 1-on-1 time with God surrounded by His beautiful creation.


Each cabin group is assigned one chore to do as a group, teaching responsibility and giving the campers a sense of ownership of camp


One of the two activity classes chosen by the camper

Pathfinder/Trailblazer: group Bible study and an activity with their cabin group. Challenger/Explorer: the second of two activity classes chosen by the camper.

Lunch is our high energy meal! While eating delicious food, we sing songs, do skits, and sometimes see a cooks' parade.

With all of the high energy activcities, we like to give campers a post-lunch time to recoup. They can read, nap, or write a letter home in their cabins.

Just as it sounds! Campers can head to the Rec Hall for games, buy snacks at the Tuck Shop, swim at the pool, ride horses, and so much more!

Pathfinder/Trailblazer: the second of the two activity classes chosen by the camper. Challenger/Explorer: group Bible study and an activity with their cabin group.

After a full afternoon, we lower our flag for the evening and have dinner together. Dinner also closes with a time of worship.

M: Divisional - get to know campers your age with a pool party or games in the Rec Filed, T: Outpost, cooking dinner over the fire and sleeping under the stars, W: Mini-Spec, campers choose a one-night-only special HFCC activity from Extreme Spoons to Swamp Stomping, Th: All-camp activity, F: Activity Award Ceremony and campfire



At camp, girls will be housed in a cabin or tent with a counselor and other campers in their age group. You may request one cabin-mate during registration. We do our best to accommodate all requests, but please note there are no guarantees. Requests must be made for campers in the same division.


At Camp CedarRidge we strive to teach campers to appreciate God’s wonderful creation. It is important to us to have simple facilities so we spend time outdoors! Campers will stay in a comfortable cabin or tent with bunk beds. Tents are reserved for Challengers or Explorers only. Please visit our Facilities page for more info.

Packing List


Packing Tips
  • Please remember you are sending your child to camp. Pack comfortable clothes that you are not afraid will get dirty.

  • We require socks and closed toe shoes at all times while walking around camp property. We have a lot of sand, sticks, and other things of nature - we want your feet to stay safe!

  • Nights can be COLD in northern Michigan. Please make sure your child has a warm jacket and their sleeping bag is warm enough.

  • We recommend packing your sleeping bag and pillow in their own duffle bag or similar. Sleeping bags tend to come unraveled while carrying to and from your cabin. This bag will also come in handy when taking sleeping gear to outpost!

  • You may want to label your child’s clothes with his name or initials so we can match lost and found owners to their items.

  • Make sure your younger campers pack their bags with you. Not only will this help them when they go to find things at camp, it will also give them a sense of responsibility for their things.

  • Please put an ID tag with phone number on your child’s luggage. You would be surprised how many parents are so excited to see their campers that they leave the bag behind! We want to make sure you go home with what you came with.


What to bring
  • Shorts

  • Jeans or long pants

  • Shirts

  • Underwear and socks

  • Warm jacket or sweatshirt

  • Pajamas

  • Swimsuit (modest, one piece)

  • Rain coat or poncho

  • Two pairs of closed-toe shoes (NO sandals or open-toed shoes)

  • Shower shoes (optional)

  • Warm sleeping bag, fitted twin sheet, pillow

  • Hat or sunglasses

  • Beach towel

  • Bath towel

  • Soap, shampoo, toiletries

  • Comb or brush

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug spray (we recommend those with DEET)

  • Flashlight

  • Water bottle

  • Small backpack or bag (optional)

  • Bible, notebook, and pen

  • Paper, envelope, and stamps to write home during the week

  • Camera (optional)

  • Laundry bag

  • Medications and vitamins in their original containers (DO NOT pack in your child’s bag. Must turn into health officer during registration)


If taking a horsemanship class:

  • At least 2 pairs of long pants for riding. (must be worn while riding everyday)

  • Heeled shoes or boots


If swamp-stomping:

The following items are required for swamp stomping. They may or may not be salvageable afterwards.

  • Old, dark-colored long pants

  • T-shirt

  • Old shoes


What not to bring
  • Food

  • Valuables

  • Weapons or firearms    

  • Gaming devices, iPods, MP3 players

  • Cell phones

If your camper brings devices for the ride up (cell phone, iPod, etc.), it will be turned in to their counselor to be stored in a safe place during the week. All items will be returned at breakfast Saturday morning.

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